INDEF Senior Economist, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bustanul Arifin. M.Sc emphasized that it is time for agriculture in Indonesia to switch to agriculture that uses new technology.

According to him, if Indonesian agriculture does not immediately switch, it will certainly lag with the progress of the times.

“The point is that in the context of changes in agricultural technology that have been like that, it is impossible for our farmers not to be introduced and it is impossible for our farmers not to be taught a new model,” he said while speaking at the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme “Improving the quality of Human Resources and Empowering Farmers Towards Agriculture Modern In Order to Support National Food Security and Sovereignty at the National Strategy Study Center (PPSN), Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (02/27/2020).

However, he said, this new model could not be beaten evenly among agricultural products. “Models for palm are different for different vegetables and different for rice. And the model in West Java is also different from Kalimantan or Sumatra, so patience is needed, “he said.

Nevertheless, it cannot be conclude that the new model on agriculture cannot be applied because it can still work with universities that have many ideas and technologies.

“Is that a dead word, not really. We can still partner with the campus because they have lots of ideas and technology, “he said.

“Then coupled with the uniqueness of the local community, this will not solve a problem but a problem that is contextualized by price certainty, this technological change might be solved,” he added.

In this case, Bustanul Arifin said the industrial era 4.0 signaled the creativity of both farmers and their business models.

“And maybe it needs young people to become an aggregator there and even become an innovator to create a model that is more competent,” Arifin said.

“So the changes outside the pressures are already so overwhelming, if we don’t do that, then we will go into application distribution technology. “Everyone has asked for various online applications, the time that foreign products are sold is not right,” he concluded.