Efforts to improve national resilience require a number of reforms, to date renewal measures have continued since the reform era.

The reform itself has provided many significant achievements in various forms, especially in the security sector, to improve and strengthen security strategies and systems.

These changes include changes in regulatory, institutional and military role and role changes.

Nevertheless, the changes were considered insufficient so that the government initiated the National Security Bill (Kamnas).

The government’s version of the Kamnas bill is still widely criticized by various parties from both parliamentarians, academics and civil society.

This is one of the reasons for the National Strategy Review Center (PPSN), conducting a joint discussion, with the headline “contents of the material content of the National Security Bill to Meet Prolegnas 2016,”.

Admiral TNI (Purn) Widodo AS as the coach of PPSN in his speech revealed that since the draft of Kamnas bill many then the response from the society. But according to him, the government in issuing the National Education Bill has passed a long process by forming a special team to explore this.

“However, such discussions are important to be undertaken as part of public disclosure to contribute and refine the Kamnas Bill,” said Lieutenant General Jen Purn Widodo AS at the National Strategic Research Center (PPSN) headquarters on Thursday (26/8).

Furthermore, he said that PPSN as part of the public took part and facilitated this public forum, to examine and explore the thoughts that could provide effective discussion of Keman Bill.

“The focus of this discussion is the public space that accommodates the society’s view to complete the Kamnas Bill,” he said.

He is very hopeful that this discussion raises positive thinking in support of the Kamnas Bill.

“This is a forum to think about this bill,” he concluded.

In the discussion of the Draft of the National Accreditation Law, Dr. Dirgo W Purbo, Prof. Dr. Adrianus Maliali, Let Jen TNI (Purn), J Suryo Prabowo, Prof.Dr. Rusadi Kantaprawira, Dr. Timbul Siahaan (Director General of Pothan Kemhan RI) and Dr. Connie Rahakundini.