The National Strategy Study Center (PPSN) held a Group Discussion Forum (FGD) with the theme “Improving the quality of HR and Empowering Farmers Towards Modern Agriculture in Order to Support National Food Security and Sovereignty ‘at the PPSN Office, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (02/27/2020) .

Chairman of the PPSN Management Board, Air Marshal (Ret.) Daryatmo S.IP explained, Indonesia’s agricultural development is a continuous dynamic effort in line with technological advances and demands for changes in internal and external situations.

These efforts, said Daryatmo, are carried out so that agriculture remains a Center of gravity (COG) in national development which is expected to be able to sustain the supply of food and raw materials that are affordable and competitive, self-sufficient, better and self-managed food management, and at the same time sustained life and higher farmer welfare.

“For this reason, the application of modern agriculture or what is now known as” High Technology Agriculture “has become an urgent need to be immediately applied at the forefront, namely farmers,” Daryatmo said in his remarks.

In this case, Daryatmo explained that the FGD was held with the intention of gathering fresh and original ideas from the speakers and participants in solving strategic problems related to the FGD topic.

According to him, the FGD also aimed to formulate a strategic conception and action plan on empowering farmers towards modern agriculture based on improving the quality of human resources in order to support national food security.

“In addition, this FGD also aims as a document that can be used as a reference for those who need it,” he added.

The FGD presented INDEF Senior Economist speaker, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bustanul Arifin. M.Sc, Dept. Agronomy and Horticulture IPB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudradjat, M.S and Deputy Secretary General of National KTNA, Zulharman Djusman. S.E.