Permanent Professor of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof. Yandra Arkeman said that the blockchain is one that will shape our future challenges in various fields of life.

According to him, blockchain is one of the new technologies resulting from industrial reproduction that is characterized by the use of advanced computers. And this blockchin can be used to make the food logistics system more efficient.

“I have already thrown the idea of ​​the blockchain to the public that there is a technology that can be used to make our food logistics system more efficient,” Yandra said when speaking at the FGD with the theme ‘Application of Smart Agricultural Technology 4.0 and Blackchain for National Food Competitiveness’ in PPSN Office, Jakarta, Thursday (8/22).

In this case, Yandra explained the use of blackchain technology for supply chain systems and rice logistics.

According to him, with this blockchin technology can find out the amount of rice production whether or not it meets national consumption.

“The need for rice is enough for national needs, so we think to streamline the logistics of the agricultural system,” he said.

Yandra added that there were four problems that could be handled by blackchain technology. The four problems are the area of ​​rice land decreasing in the country (land conversion), inefficient distribution due to poor infrastructure, the length of the rice / rice trade chain and the related data between different ministries.

“These four problems are things that can be handled by information technology systems, one of which is the blackchain which has the potential to solve that problem,” he concluded.